We do take reservations and encourage you to make them several weeks in advance!

For a party of 4 or less, please search via the “Find a Table” widget below. If there is no availability on OpenTable, we are fully committed for reservations. We do maintain a walk-in waitlist throughout the day and invite you to join the waitlist when you arrive! Please note that we do not have call-ahead seating and typically stop taking names an hour before services ends – around 2:30 pm at lunch and around 9:00 pm at dinner.

For a party of 5-10, please call us at 843.722.8100 and leave a message. We only have a small number of tables that accommodate groups of this size and encourage reservations for these tables to be made at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

The largest reservation we can accommodate is 10 guests as that is the largest table that we have. We are unable to accommodate split parties (more than 10 guests).