***We will be updating this page as we go***

Hey y’all, Sarah here. I’ve moved all of the reliefs/grants/hiring information to a new page since this was starting to get a little crowded. So please look for unemployment information from Josie below, and to find information on places that are hiring, relief applications and grants from around the country, etc., please visit THIS PAGE.

Thank you for continuing to share information with us (Josie and Sarah!) and each other! We are looking into everything we come across, so keep it up!

If you have questions regarding when you’ll get your money, how many weeks you will get, etc. please call SCDEW at 803-737-2400. Please remember: Josie is only one person!


Hey Fleet Team,

Welllll….. HERE WE GO!!!

We are planning to re-open on Friday 5/15/20! We will be adhering to capacity limitations, social distancing practices, and heightened sanitation practices.

When we re-open on 5/15, everyone will clock in normally. We will use the same pay rates and tip-out procedures as before. You are guaranteed the amount you were making on PPP. If you earn more than that, you will be paid the difference.

Upon re-opening, we will be hyper-focused on sales and labor. We have forecasted many different sales scenarios based on our new seating capacity. The first few weeks will provide us further insight to what we can expect and will guide us in our staffing and scheduling strategy moving forward.

A manager will be calling you today to discuss your scheduling availability and answer any questions you many have. To help us be as efficient as possible, please wait for that call to get your questions answered.

There will be a mandatory all-staff meeting on Thursday 5/14/20 at 10 AM, followed by training on updated policies and procedures. If you are unable to attend this meeting, please let the manager know when they call you to discuss scheduling. A schedule for 5/15-5/19 will be handed out at the meeting.

We ask everyone to have a spirit of cooperation and flexibility at this time. There are many unknowns as we move forward and we are doing our best day-by-day to make the best decisions possible.

We can’t wait to see everyone again.

Stimulus Payments: 5/12/20

If you have not gotten your stimulus payments yet, go to this website before midnight tonight to enter your bank  account information. You will also need your adjusted gross income from your last tax return.


After tonight, stimulus payments will be mailed out, so today is your last chance to get it direct- deposited.

Outdoor Dining Update: 5/6/20

Hey Fleet Team!

We have met several times to discuss our opening strategy since it was announced on Friday that outdoor dining service could resume on 5/4/20.

For many reasons, the most important being parking lot construction, staff safety, and economics, we are not planning to open the outdoor decks at this time. Our goal is to launch our re-opening strategy by the end of the month.

We hope everyone continues to take care and be safe, and we will be in touch very soon!

Paycheck Pick Up: 5/4/2020

Checks will be available today to pick up today from Fleet Landing between 10 AM – 1:30 PM.

Please text Drew or Katie if you need to make other arrangements.

Great update: 5/1/20

We thought we would kick-off the weekend with a very exciting announcement: Fleet Landing has secured a lease extension for 25 years (yes, TWENTY FIVE!!) after our current lease expires in 2024! Now that is something to celebrate!

This lease renewal also brings a renewed spirit of confidence that we will prevail through these uncertain times. Thank you everyone for your loyalty and dedication to Fleet Landing. We can’t wait to see you all on the deck sometime soon!

Fleet Update 4/27/20

Time to Certify! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The group claim for 4/19/20-4/25/20 has been submitted. This is the final group claim I will submit since payroll resumes today.

Fleet Update 4/24/20 – PPP Loan Funds

Hey Fleet Fam!

As we navigate this COVID-19 Pandemic, our goals are to keep our business secure and to keep our people employed. We are very excited to share that the Payroll Protection Program loan funds have been received! This will allow us to put you back on payroll for 8 weeks and will pay Fleet Landing’s rent, utilities, and insurance premiums to keep our business and your jobs secure.

What does this mean for you? Starting Monday 4/27/20 you will begin receiving weekly payroll checks from Fleet Landing for 8 weeks. The gross wages for each employee are determined by an average of your weekly wages over the 12 months prior to 3/18/20.

This weekend, you will be receiving a letter notifying you of your gross weekly wages and outlining any applicable deductions, as well as a call from a Fleet Landing manager to discuss any further questions you may have.

If you would like to cancel any voluntary benefits, please EMAIL [email protected]. If you cancel a voluntary benefit, you will not be able to re-enroll until next year’s open enrollment. Please also let Josie know if you would like to pause your 401K contributions (we are resuming 401k match starting 4/27).

Paper checks will be available to pick up at Fleet Landing on Monday 4/27 between 11AM-2PM.

The final group unemployment claim will also be filed on 4/26/20 for the benefit period of 4/19/20-4/25/20, so you will still need to certify your benefits that week. After payroll resumes on 4/27, unemployment eligibility will cease for future benefit periods.

If any legislative changes are released regarding the PPP payments, we will adjust our plans accordingly and stay in close communication with you.

We hope everyone is taking care and being safe. We can’t wait to see you all again and get back to the grind!

Fleet Update 4/20/20

Hey all!

Please see this update from the SCDEW posted on 4/18. Please be sure to click the link below and register for SC Works (even though you are not required to actually look for work…. insert confused emoji here).

**If you’re receiving notices in your portal about completing a job search, please read this. When you filed for your claim, you would have been asked to register with SCWOS, which is our SC Works Online Services portal that allows for job search. Although you are not required to look for work, you are still required to register with SCWOS. If you didn’t complete this at the time of filing a claim, that could cause a “Failure to Register to Work” to display in your portal.
You can register here: https://jobs.scworks.org/vosnet/Default.aspx. **

I have also successfully submitted the group claim for 4.12.20-4.18.20. If you get any type of error while certifying your weekly benefits that states you did not register for work (even though that is not a question you were asked), be sure that you register for the SCWOS BEFORE certifying your benefits. If there is one we have learned during all this, it is that sometimes the SCDEW’s system takes a day or two to update, so please be patient. If you aren’t able to certify your benefits without this error occurring immediately after registering for SCWOS, please wait a day or two and try again. If at that time you are still experiencing a problem, call 803-737-2400.

Happy Monday y’all!


Time to Channel your inner squirrel!

Hey Fleeps!

As you start to receive your stimulus checks and larger FPUC unemployment payments, we strongly encourage you to “squirrel” away some emergency funds and be watchful of your spending. The economy is changing in a way that the service industry (and the world in general) has never experienced before.

When the world does “re-open” it will be a different place than what we were used to prior to COVID-19. Some businesses will not be able to re-open, many people will be unemployed, unemployment benefits will eventually end, and businesses that are open will be working at a smaller capacity. Travel and tourism will be drastically reduced, and social distancing measures will be present for some time to come.

We are working diligently to secure funds that will allow us to stay in business and to keep your jobs secure. We are confident that we will be able to do this. We also want to be realistic, and that means coming to terms with the fact that we aren’t going to make as much money as we used to.

So, for now, plan for a “long winter”. Save any money that you can. Cut out unnecessary spending. Don’t online binge shop out of boredom (I’m talking to myself here….). Be smart!

Here is a great Forbes article about budgeting and money management during COVID-19. Our Employee Assistance Program also offers extensive resources for financial consulting, budgeting, debt consolidation, and many other life management and counseling services. Their website is www.firstsuneap.com and phone number is 800-968-8143.

Keep taking care of yourselves and of each other, and know that we will get through this!


This is an announcement I am finally excited about sending!

If you have questions regarding your Bank of American debit card from SCDEW, call 866-213-4074.

  1. Unemployment Benefits: Many people have started seeing the $600 FPUC payments hit their accounts. YAY. Additionally, many of you with issues have been able to speak to a representative and those issues have been cleared up, and the backlog seems to be more under control. If you are experiencing an issue and have not spoken to me, please email me at [email protected] or text 843-818-3895. I successfully submitted the group claim for 4/5-4/11 so you should be able to certify your benefits for those days.
  2. Medical Insurance: I have received confirmation from Blue Choice that group coverage will continue through May regardless of work/business status. More details will be out about this soon!


Happy Friday!

Not much new to report. The SCDEW made some huge improvements to their website this week and provided much more information (most of which we had already figured out), as well as re-vamped their phone systems. A few of you have been able to get through and speak to a person, which is encouraging. If you are still experiencing a problem, please make sure I know about it with a screenshot to [email protected] or text to 843-818-3895.

Please understand that if the issue is with your SCDEW username/password/security questions, I can NOT assist. You will need to continue to call the TelClaim # at 1-866-831-1724.


Hey everyone!

I have successfully submitted the group claim for the 3.29-4.4 benefit period.
Please go in later this week to certify your benefits for 3.29-4.4. A few things to keep in mind:
1) Last week, many of you never had the option to “certify benefits”, but still got paid. This is still mystery, but a mystery we aren’t going to question because, hay, you got paid!
2) After I filed the claim last week, many of you did not have the option to “certify benefits” until Thursday. SO, if you do not have that option in the next few days, do not panic! We know the system is slow. REALLY SLOW.
3) I have reached out to SCDEW and other HR Directors regarding the requirement to search for work that some of you are being questioned about. **From what I have read ** (this is not me instructing you! This is me telling you what I have read =) you should respond that you looked for work, and that you were available and able to work, and that you did not turn down any job offers. I encourage you to wait a day or two to see if I get an answer from SCDEW before you anything, but that is up to you.
4) If you have any unusual issues, please screen shot me the issue and I will do my best to assist. At this point, most issues you all are running into are things I can not assist with.
5) I have attached a flyer with some helpful info about the debit cards. Please check it out here – SCDEW debit card


A few of you have stated that you were not given the option to choose between direct deposit or debit card. There was a small drop-down box when you registered your SCDEW account where you could make your selection, and my guess is that it was overlooked by many because it defaults automatically to “debit card” and does not require you to make a selection. RUDE.

IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE to direct deposit or confirm which method you chose, log-in to your SCDEW account and click on the “personal information” tab. At the very bottom you will see the drop-down box with “preferred payment method”.

If you are someone who has moved recently or not updated your address with Paylocity or USPS, I highly recommend doing this!

Tell your friends. Especially your friends that don’t have computers.


Here is a more thorough update for you on what is going on with Fleet Landing:

1. WE MISS YOU!! We hope everyone is taking care of each other and doing as well as possible in this crazy time.

2. We are working hard to get some relief funds for both our employees and for the business. Weesie and the Weaver gals have been busy compiling financial/payroll reports and information for loan applications. We hope to have a better idea of what exactly that means for each of you and the turnaround time by the end of this week. Stay tuned.

3. Unemployment: Learning as we go! To my knowledge, no one has received pay-out of benefits yet (our employees and employees from other restaurants that I have spoken to). I have been told it could be between 1-6 weeks. That is not helpful, I know. I truly hope and believe it will be sooner rather than later. I am also being told by several employees that they were not given an option between a debit card or direct deposit, and just received a debit card in the mail. I am looking into that as well. Does anyone still have the identity issue on their account? I believe those were cleared up. If you do not yet have the option to “certify” your benefits for 3/22-3/28, hang tight and lets see if that option becomes available tomorrow. I am catching up on emails and texts and will respond to everyone by 5 PM tomorrow.

4. GoFundMe: Many of you have asked how we will pay this out. We are working through those details and will send an update mid-week.


I have successfully filed the group claim for benefit period of 3/22/20-3/28/20.

You must go in and certify your benefits for 3/22/20-3/28/20. Instructions attached. This week your hours are 0 and your wages are 0.

If you have reached out to me the last few days with questions, I will respond before 5 PM tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience! There are a lot of you, and only one of me.


Alright, lets do this! I have gotten some mixed instructions from different employees at SCDEW, and after talking to some other local HR departments, I am sending out these directives.

Please log-in to the SCDEW website with the attached instructions and certify your weekly benefits for the week of 3/15/20-3/21/20. **IMPORTANT!!** A wage amount should pre-populate for you during this process. **PLEASE ENTER HALF OF THAT AMOUNT **.

A few employees have reported a notification under “ISUUES DELAYING PAYMENT”. If the issue states “lay off”, we have been told that a representative of SCDEW will be reaching out to you or that the issue will resolve on its own. A few people have also said they have received a “questionable identity” issue. I have placed a call to SCDEW about this issue and am awaiting a response.

If you receive an “unexpected error” message, the website has crashed. Be patient and try again a little later.

If anyone encounters other issues, please SCREEN SHOT the issue and email me at [email protected] or text it to 843-818-3895.

Next week’s claim should be easy breezy since there will be 0 hours and 0 wages to report.

Thank you for all of your help and patience during this process.

  1. INSURANCE: The Newtons have ensured that all employee insurance will continue through the end of April.
    • If you are on our insurance, you will find great help in the My Health Toolkit App from BlueChoice (it is called My Health Toolkit for BCBS)
    • If you are feeling unwell, you can visit a doctor virtually by downloading the Blue CareOnDemand app
    • flyer with more information on below
    • We finally got clarification on the unemployment filing process. NO ONE NEEDS TO FILE A NEW CLAIM! The group claim started the process for all employees. To those that already filed an individual claim, that is totally fine. The SCDEW will condense each person to one claim for Fleet Landing.Tipped employees, do not fret. The determination of benefit amount is based on wage amounts from Fleet Landing’s quarterly tax filings, and not any information that you or I submit (Seems totally inefficient to make us supply all that info for no reason but whatevs…) IMPORTANT: I will submit a claim each week, and then you will need to log-in and VERIFY your benefits each week. Those instructions are attached. I can not submit a claim until the benefit week has ended. I will submit claims every Monday, so you should be able to log-in Tuesday of each week to verify. See the schedule below:3/29-4/4: Josie to submit claim on 4/64/5-4/11: Josie to submit claim on 4/134/12-4/18: Josie to submit claim on 4/204/19-4/25: Josie to submit claim on 4/274/26-5/2: Josie to submit claim on 5/4 (It is unclear if this week is part of the 6 weeks, but I will attempt to file regardless).
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